Our Warm Home We help homeless!


If you have come to this page, we ask you, do not pass by, donate any amount, rest assured, this money will go to the arrangement of the hostel, food and accommodation for the homeless. All funds received are controlled by the Registrar of Funds and Donations, the Ministry of Justice.

None of us could help but notice a homeless beggar walking down our streets with all his belongings in a cart and spending nights on a park bench or staircase. Each of these unfortunate people has a sad story about a broken destiny, about a lost home and job, a lost family, and ruined health. Many of them will die on the street, sliding lower and lower. The use of alcohol and drugs often contributes to this.

But for these people there is a way out, this is “Our Warm House” – a hostel with clean bed, good nutrition, medical staff and social workers, volunteers and psychological support groups for homeless people with alcohol or drug addiction, and it will open in the near future.

We are a charitable foundation “There is a Solution”, we work gratuitously for the benefit of such people, hoping to save someone else’s life and return a full-fledged member to society.


Alexander Shor
Vladimir Neporozhny